The 150R Honda Sonic save more money, Ration Free Service Only 3 Times

is still around Honda Sonic 150R  that he can only quota free service 3 times only in authorized workshops Honda or better known as AHAS

Ration free service is listed in the book of magic Sonic, meaning in the Periodic Maintenance cards are usually given after purchasing a new bike, in this case the Honda Sonic. Though the new Honda motorcycle usually be allotted free service for 4 times.

The first free servicing when the engine reaches 1000 km mileage or wear time 2 months, whichever is reached first. Free servicing both when it reached 6000 kilometers and or a travel time of 6 months, depending also points which is reached first. Servis third when the motor reaches 12,000 kilometers or 12 months.
Well this is only three times the service is free, economical or stingy ?Then why honda Sonic 150R servicing ration only three times? According to sources, "MOTOR toned-OFTEN OFTEN NOT NECESSARY SERVICING"