Yamaha NMAX Cheaper Rp 12.4 Million Compared Honda PCX

Yamaha NMAX and Honda PCX compete one level, down in class premium scooter berbodi bongsor. Both offer their respective advantages, including convenience, because both are claimed to be suitable for use in urban road conditions are not friendly and exhausting.

After comparing looks and features, KompasOtomotif continue to compete comfort. In this case, the measure is ergonomics or comfort driving position (biker and boncenger), then the suspension while cornering or bulldoze worn uneven streets.

For driving ergonomics triangle (handlebars, seat and footrests), the all-new Honda PCX offers the right position. Both hands gripping the handlebars with a wide angle. In addition to helping control over lightly, this position reduces fatigue when driving for a long time.

As a substitute for the biker backrest, soft foam and upholstery dent sustain tail bone, so this is also a supporting factor comfort while driving away. Deck to put the legs very wide. The rider can choose the position of the feet at will, ranging from 45 degrees to bend selonjoran.

harga Yamaha NMAX
While Yamaha NMAX has a slightly different character. Ergonomics triangle is quite comfortable. Wide seat with thick foam, supported by wide handlebars and lightly driven. Did not receive a booster seat coccyx, only made slightly terraced design.

Footrest is not so wide, but still comfortable enough to put a foot. Foot deck section to be used to change the position of the feet, though not until selonjoran. NMAX driving position is almost the same as the PCX, fit to drive a short distance, as well as long-distance riding. harga Yamaha NMAX Rp 12.4 Million