Sales Rule the Vixion Yamaha Motor Sport

Yamaha Vixion again rule the sales of motor sport class. During February 2015, Yamaha Vixion has sold 26 546 units, up 27.83 percent compared to the previous month.

According to data from the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI), Yamaha motor sport overall output of 32 275 units sold. Vixion addition, the sales value also obtained from the sale of R15 (3,883 units), R25 (515 units), Byson (1,246 units) and Scorpio (85 units).

Yamaha Indonesia's performance in exporting products are also quite good, in February 2015 alone exported products totaling 8,995 units, with details of Yamaha R15 (2,900 units), R25 (5,295 units) and Jupiter MX CW 135 cc of 800 units.

"Yamaha's dominance in the sports category continued stable most sold. We are optimistic that will continue to defend it, "said Assistant GM Marketing of PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing Mohammad Masykur.

While NMAX, the latest Yamaha, last February, recorded a number of sales reached 1,916 units. Most are in Jakarta deployment of 669 units, both in East Java and West Java 289 units 271 units.

Additionally, Mio GT also increased to reach 1,319 percent compared to January 2015 or 3,166 units sold. While the automatic motor Yamaha other, such as Mio M3, rose 14.33 percent, 11.29 percent GT125 (9893 units), Xeon RC 872 units 38.63 percent, 10.20 percent and Fino FI (9033 units). Meanwhile, in the moped segment, Jupiter MX 135 cc sold 13 672 units.

Yamaha's total sales in February 2015 as many as 150 840 units, up 8 percent compared to the previous month. When added to those exports, a total of 159 835 units. And this proves that harga Yamaha vixion has always wanted to be in the forefront in accordance with the company tagline is 'getting ahead'.