Yamaha Prepare New Features for R25

In order to add value to its flagship product in the segment of 250 cc sport, PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) is developing a new feature completeness. Completeness this form immobilizer system commonly found in some cars today, also there are a few in particular motorcycle.

KompasOtomotif from direct observation in the field, Yamaha Indonesia showcase this system in one corner of the Yamaha ASEAN Cup Race event in years, in the Circuit Sentul, Bogor, on Saturday-Sunday

In this particular tent, Yamaha demonstrated useful immobilizer technology improve motorcycle safety of consumers of the crime of theft. In short, the motorcycle yamaha R25 can not distater without the original key that has been equipped with transponden embedded in the key. If the motorcycle remain lit with a duplicate key, the machine can not be lit, and a few seconds after the warning alarm that attracted the attention of people around.

This device consists of a series of wires connected to the starter cable and special modules. The key will be to obtain a special transmitter designed slick as fused. While the home key, mounted transponden which receives the signal from the transmitter in the key, so the module to recognize the original key, and the machine can live.

This system has not officially sold in the market, but Yamaha will memawarkannya the additional features with the addition of certain fees from next year (2015). About the price, also has not been determined.