The 150R Honda Sonic save more money, Ration Free Service Only 3 Times

is still around Honda Sonic 150R  that he can only quota free service 3 times only in authorized workshops Honda or better known as AHAS

Ration free service is listed in the book of magic Sonic, meaning in the Periodic Maintenance cards are usually given after purchasing a new bike, in this case the Honda Sonic. Though the new Honda motorcycle usually be allotted free service for 4 times.

The first free servicing when the engine reaches 1000 km mileage or wear time 2 months, whichever is reached first. Free servicing both when it reached 6000 kilometers and or a travel time of 6 months, depending also points which is reached first. Servis third when the motor reaches 12,000 kilometers or 12 months.
Well this is only three times the service is free, economical or stingy ?Then why honda Sonic 150R servicing ration only three times? According to sources, "MOTOR toned-OFTEN OFTEN NOT NECESSARY SERVICING"

Sister Suzuki Satria FU Official Glide

Puzzles latest motorcycle output Suzuki Indonesia finally revealed. The bike is the Suzuki Satria F115 Young Star, which is nothing but a 'younger brother' of harga Satria FU 150.

Taking place in one of the shopping center in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, Indonesia Suzuki finally opened the inaugural veil of Satria F115 Young Star.

According Motoo Murakami, Managing Director 2 Wheel PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS), the motor is deliberately presented to strengthen their business in the country. Moreover, Japanese motorcycle manufacturer in the middle of a famine in terms of sales in Indonesia.

Murakami hopes that carries the motor manifold Underbone 115cc machine can be received by young people who have a funky and sporty character, so as to support their views in driving.

"Giving young star names on this model have hope, that the Indonesian young riders in one day can be a shinning star in the motor racing world," he said on the sidelines of the launch of the Suzuki Satria F115 Young Star, Jakarta, Friday, May 15, 2015.

Speaking of design, the motor is almost similar to the Satria FU 150. The model also carries a distinctive rooster-selling Suzuki's motorcycle. However, this motor comes without clutch hand.

Mentioned, Satria F115 Young Star has a fuel tank capacity of 3.7 liters, as well as the rear brake drum and front disc brakes. Meanwhile, the sector spur heart, Suzuki addres embed type engine Single Over Head Camshaft (SOHC) two valves with a capacity of 113cc. This machine is claimed to be capable of spraying up to 9 horsepower and maximum torque of 9.1 Newton meters.

For those of you who are attracted to these motorcycles, Suzuki offers two colors, namely red / black color titan and titan black color. To redeem, this bike is priced at Rp16.5 million on the road in Jakarta.

Yamaha NMAX Cheaper Rp 12.4 Million Compared Honda PCX

Yamaha NMAX and Honda PCX compete one level, down in class premium scooter berbodi bongsor. Both offer their respective advantages, including convenience, because both are claimed to be suitable for use in urban road conditions are not friendly and exhausting.

After comparing looks and features, KompasOtomotif continue to compete comfort. In this case, the measure is ergonomics or comfort driving position (biker and boncenger), then the suspension while cornering or bulldoze worn uneven streets.

For driving ergonomics triangle (handlebars, seat and footrests), the all-new Honda PCX offers the right position. Both hands gripping the handlebars with a wide angle. In addition to helping control over lightly, this position reduces fatigue when driving for a long time.

As a substitute for the biker backrest, soft foam and upholstery dent sustain tail bone, so this is also a supporting factor comfort while driving away. Deck to put the legs very wide. The rider can choose the position of the feet at will, ranging from 45 degrees to bend selonjoran.

harga Yamaha NMAX
While Yamaha NMAX has a slightly different character. Ergonomics triangle is quite comfortable. Wide seat with thick foam, supported by wide handlebars and lightly driven. Did not receive a booster seat coccyx, only made slightly terraced design.

Footrest is not so wide, but still comfortable enough to put a foot. Foot deck section to be used to change the position of the feet, though not until selonjoran. NMAX driving position is almost the same as the PCX, fit to drive a short distance, as well as long-distance riding. harga Yamaha NMAX Rp 12.4 Million

Sales Rule the Vixion Yamaha Motor Sport

Yamaha Vixion again rule the sales of motor sport class. During February 2015, Yamaha Vixion has sold 26 546 units, up 27.83 percent compared to the previous month.

According to data from the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI), Yamaha motor sport overall output of 32 275 units sold. Vixion addition, the sales value also obtained from the sale of R15 (3,883 units), R25 (515 units), Byson (1,246 units) and Scorpio (85 units).

Yamaha Indonesia's performance in exporting products are also quite good, in February 2015 alone exported products totaling 8,995 units, with details of Yamaha R15 (2,900 units), R25 (5,295 units) and Jupiter MX CW 135 cc of 800 units.

"Yamaha's dominance in the sports category continued stable most sold. We are optimistic that will continue to defend it, "said Assistant GM Marketing of PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing Mohammad Masykur.

While NMAX, the latest Yamaha, last February, recorded a number of sales reached 1,916 units. Most are in Jakarta deployment of 669 units, both in East Java and West Java 289 units 271 units.

Additionally, Mio GT also increased to reach 1,319 percent compared to January 2015 or 3,166 units sold. While the automatic motor Yamaha other, such as Mio M3, rose 14.33 percent, 11.29 percent GT125 (9893 units), Xeon RC 872 units 38.63 percent, 10.20 percent and Fino FI (9033 units). Meanwhile, in the moped segment, Jupiter MX 135 cc sold 13 672 units.

Yamaha's total sales in February 2015 as many as 150 840 units, up 8 percent compared to the previous month. When added to those exports, a total of 159 835 units. And this proves that harga Yamaha vixion has always wanted to be in the forefront in accordance with the company tagline is 'getting ahead'.

This Specifications and Price Yamaha Jupiter MX King 150 FI

The latest series of Jupiter MX King has been released on December 19 yesterday. This time Yamaha has the State Vietnam for a new product introductions as well Commencing named Yamaha Exciter 150 Fi or also called Yamaha Jupiter MX KIng Indonesia 150CC.

After the official launch, specifications Yamaha Jupiter MX King proved capable of producing power of 15.4 horsepower (HP) at 8500 rpm and torque of 13.8 Nm at 7000 rpm.

Dengam the fuel injection engine compression 10.4: 1 and 4 stroke single cylinder with a capacity of 150 cc were planted on FZQ50i based exciter. King Jupiter MX candidate is applying mono shock, 245 mm front disc brakes and rear 203 mm, and uses a five-speed transmission. It seems natural that the motor is feasible given the title "King of the Street".

For its size alone Motor Exciter 150 is similar to the model R25 length 1970 mm width 670 mm and height of 1080 with a distance of 780 mm with a footrest. wheel axis measuring 1,290 and 135 mm ground clearance. with this size, making this bike is lighter than the 135cc version.

Excite 150 comes with a sporty look with the LED turn signal and rear. a combination of the original tires tubeless type size 70/90 with 17-inch wheels and tires rear 17-inch wheels 120.70.

At launch, Yamaha Vietnam introduce three choices of the exciter 150 Fi-type GP berkelir Blue and white, as well as a choice of three types of RC Exciter 150 Fi yellow color variations of black, red, black and white variations of black variation.

Harga Jupiter MX King 150 FI is priced below 20 million.

Suzuki Address Products Indonesia Taste of Europe and Southeast Asia

Suzuki finally launched his latest address as a scooter.

Suzuki Address is the answer PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales (SIS) R2 on the needs of Indonesian consumers are looking scooter with affordable prices and quality.

Address first introduced globally in the event the Intermot 2014 in Cologne, Germany, last month.

When the SIS promising motorcycles are included in the low segment of this scooter will also landed in Indonesia in the near future.

harga suzuki address
Address is present as a versatile scooter that will answer all the needs of consumers motorcycle fuel efficient, functional and global quality.

After being introduced in Jakarta at the end of last October, Suzuki finally officially lowered their latest products automatic motor, namely Suzuki Address, to the streets of Surabaya in November 2014.

Previously, the launch plan Address is already making automotive enthusiasts in East Java, in particular two-wheeled, quite curious.

This tag of Kawasaki Ninja Most Expensive

Harga motor Kawasaki ninja H2 prices as one of high-performance motorcycle missed. PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia (KMI) started to open the door of booking a week later in a variety of dealer network throughout Indonesia.

Official price clearly stated on the official website, even appearing in halamam Kompas newspaper as advertising display, at $ 580 million on the road Greater.

For type H2R as a variant of the circuit, not mentioned in the official release on the website. Only, in the article automotive bloggers, KMI had put H2R price of Rp 1 billion.

Prices are released represent what is being said Michael Chandra Tanadhi, Deputy Head of Sales and Promotion Department KMI in Indonesia Motorcycle Show 2014 recently, that the price of H2 will compete with Ducati Panigale as competitors in terms of price.

harga kawasaki ninja

If interested, potential customers can give money sign so (pre-order) of Rp 50 million. While the official launch aka the premiere of this type would be the IMA in January 2015.

H2 and H2R will be the most malignant variant Kawasaki Ninja ever produced. Supercharged engine DOHC 16-valve 998cc H2 capable of spewing power of 200 PS @ 10,000. Design framework was created for stability at high speeds with a spectacular aerodynamic level.

Both are designed using the latest analytical technology. Even the paint is very reflective silver-mirror like glass, adapted for mass production the first time in the automotive and motorcycle industry.